Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer

Does this little lady remind you of a certain flamboyant British singing sensation? Yep, it's the glasses. You should have seen the dance that accompanied this outfit!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Emily's 3rd Birthday

Emily's party was held May 8th, and although it wasn't as warm outside as we'd hoped (no swimming!), we all still had a very nice time. The party was relatively small, but Emily still had a lot of fun, especially when her friends Jordyn and Colton showed up!

This is a gift from Aunt Sharon and Megan...while they were in Texas, they found the skirt and wings, and they packed them into their bags and bought them back to Pennsylvania via Colorado :) Em loved prancing around in her little tutu and wings!

Emily had been swinging between a Dora party and a Tinkerbell party. We finally settled on a Dora party. But, again, the move messed up the best-laid plans, and we couldn't find Dora invitations in time. Luckily Emily also likes princesses, so a Princess Party it was!

In addition to the cake, Emily's Grandma Sipe felt she also needed cupcakes (Em had asked for them a few days before). So...the kids all got to blow out a candle, and all the kids got to have too much icing :)
Dan and I got Emily a slide, and we set it up in mom's yard to surprise her. Of course, we forgot to do this before she did a costume change from her purple fairy outfit to her heart jammies that Grandma and Grandpa Koons got her. She couldn't get enough of the slide. I personally don't see the fun in continuously going up and down, but it seems to entertain her just fine.

Owen's Birthday

I feel terrible that this post didn't get written sooner. It's been over 2 months since Owen turned one, but between both kids' birthdays, the craziness of moving, and everything else, it kept getting pushed to the back burner.

We were lucky enough that on Owen's actual birthday, March 20th, it was unseasonably warm. Temperatures in the 70's/80's warm. So that day we decided to move everything outside, and it was perfect. Owen's party had a jungle animal theme. Here are his cakes:

We had quite a turnout...Dan's mom and brother came down from Massachusetts, and my dad and Shirley drove up from North Carolina. Add all the local family that came, and we had a really nice time. Owen was a bit less hesitant with the cake than his big sister was when she was one...he dug right in!
Owen got lots of very nice gifts, and there was even a gift for him and his sister to share...
their very own wagon! We've taken it for walks, and it helped out when at the street fair this year too. Now that the weather is warmer, we'll be using it quite a lot!
It's tough to believe that my little baby is getting so old already!