Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photo Shoot - 1 year

I love this picture...it's like he can't believe he's one year old! In reality, though, I think he was simply getting ready to chew on it.

This picture makes me smile every time...he looks like such a little man in it!

More Photos

The props that the photographer wanted to use were cute, and they would have probably made really cute pictures. Unfortunately, Owen is only interested in putting such things in his mouth. It took some quick camera work to even get close to capturing the number one in his hands.

Owen's 1 Year Photo Shoot

It's hard to believe my little guy is a year old. It's even harder to believe that this toddler in the photos is really my son! I don't notice the changes every day, so when I see pictures like these where he's looking like a big boy, I am startled!

So...in this one Dan calls him The Great White since he's showing off his new teeth. Maybe not the most flattering nickname, but I love this picture anyway.

This one concerns me: he looks like he is about five seconds away from doing something really bad. This is what I've dubbed his Evil Plan face.

Back to looking cute and innocent:

And this is how he lets us know he's finished with photo shoots.

Friday, March 19, 2010

One Year Ago...

It's crazy to think about...one year ago, I had just heard the cries of my little baby boy. It seems like so long ago that Owen came into our lives, yet the past year has flown by. So...just a couple of pictures of what he looked like one year ago today:

Immediately after being born! I was so excited to hear him cry because I don't remember that part of Emily's birth.

Sleeping in his little bassinet. He did so well at the hospital. Slept most of the time. Of course, now that's completely different.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 More Weeks!

In only 4 short weeks, we'll be finishing up our first day of moving into our new home! Now that it's getting so close, I need to really get serious about the packing. I am trying to sell anything we won't need in the new house so we don't have to schlep everything over. Tonight Emily's baby clothes all went. It was pretty sad seeing all the cute outfits in such tiny sizes - I forgot how much I loved some of those clothes. But, it made me happy that we could help out another expecting mom by stocking up her little girl's closet.

We've also, however, been buying things. Our last big purchases were made last night. We are leaving our current washer and dryer in the house, so we bought a new front loading pair last night. I'm super excited about laundry for two reasons. First, the set we got will finally do the huge loads we seem to have and dry them in one cycle! The other reason is that our laundry area is on the second floor of the house, so it's just a hop, step, and jump away from doing the laundry to putting it away. Bye-bye two flights of stairs with heavy laundry baskets! The other big purchase excites Dan more than me. He found a television he liked, and I have to admit it's pretty nice. Our current t.v. is too big for our new family room, so it will reside in our basement when it gets finished.

If anyone gets bored and likes to pack...I'm all for helpers :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emergency (Or...how my kids will give me a heart attack before I'm 33)

Before this past Thursday, I'd never dialed 911. My first experience was Thursday at work. Because it was at work, I can't share any details, however, I can say that it was a positive experience since all ended well (I assume).

My second experience dialing 911 was yesterday morning. I was upstairs getting ready to change Owen's diaper. Dan was trying to pack up the garage. Emily was upstairs with me. I have changed what seems to be thousands of diapers, and I've never used the strap on the changing pad. Who does? I don't leave the kids unattended, I usually have at least one hand on them...no issues. So yesterday I stood in front of Owen while I fixed the bag in his Diaper Genie. Owen chose this moment to roll, and my body stopped his feet from going over. Unfortunately, his head and shoulders did, and gravity did its thing, and Owen fell head first onto the floor.

Immediately he began screaming, which I knew was a good sign. I grabbed him and tried to comfort him, and Dan made an appearance asking what happened. Suddenly, Owen stopped crying, and his eyes started closing. I remember yelling at Dan, "What's wrong with him?" Dan grabbed him and tried to talk to him. Owen's body went limp and he began throwing up. This was easily the scariest moment in my life. Dan yelled for me to dial 911, and within minutes the ambulance was there.

Long story short, Owen was taken to trauma where he was checked out. X-rays showed no fractures, and there was no bleeding in his head. Official diagnosis: concussion. We were admitted, and the trauma doctor told us he'd be at the hospital overnight for observation. We were just glad he was going to be okay...he looked so small and helpless sleeping in his little collar. Around 6, though, we were discharged. Owen was happy and playing, and he had done much better than the doctors had anticipated, so they let us come home.

Today, it's like it never even happened...he's back to his old silly self. Even the bruise on his head that seemed like it would be so ugly yesterday isn't very bad. However, we did learn an important safety lesson: no matter how many times you've done something, don't assume that you can lose focus. I figured the many many diapers I'd changed without incident meant that I could be a bit lax when it came to having Owen on the changing table. Not so.