Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adios for now!

Today marked my last day as a guidance counselor, and although I'm starting summer break officially tomorrow, I'm pretty sad I won't be returning to that job next year. It's back to teaching English for me, since the counselor who was out on maternity leave is coming back. I am hoping to return to guidance eventually, but for now, I suppose I simply have to be thankful for the experience and the break from the classroom.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Picture Time!

We spent our Father's Day getting some pictures of the kids. Emily was due for her 3-year-old pictures. What I most hoped we'd get, however, were some pictures of the kids together. The last time they posed and cooperated together was last year when Em was 2 and Owen was only 3 months. Even then, the shot we got of them was a total sort've looked like she was kissing him, although I think she was actually trying to chew on his ear. So...we had high hopes for today. With some thought put into the scheduling time and fruit snacks as bribes (yep, I resorted to that), we got some decent pictures. Enjoy!

More pictures

Picture Time (even more!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend was a fun-filled weekend. Not only did we get together with the regular family members we hang out with, but because my niece and nephew both had birthdays within a week of Memorial Day, my brother and his family and my dad and stepmom came to town. Just a couple pictures of my family...
Dan and grandma hung by the pool. We did get in for a little...thanks to a solar cover and my mom and Ron's impatience in the pool-opening time, the water was actually pretty warm.

Emily LOVES hanging out with her cousin, Isabelle. They are a year apart, so Emily looks up to her and wants to do everything that she does. Sometimes this is good (like whenever Isabelle had to go potty). Sometimes it's enough to drive me crazy, but it's cute nonetheless. They were lying on the hammock together after a rough day of picnic-ing and swimming.