Saturday, February 20, 2010


Last Saturday, Dan had to work, so I was home alone with the kiddos. I got up when Emily did...took her downstairs, had some breakfast, etc. Owen began talking over the monitor, and I had planned on getting him up as soon as I finished up a couple of things. As I walked back into the living room to get Emily to take upstairs so we could get Owen, I noticed she wasn't there. She wasn't in the kitchen. No Emily in the dining room either. Now I began to panic, because while Em can manage the stairs, after her fall this summer, I prefer to be there with her when she goes up and down. I ran up the stairs. Owen's bedroom door was still shut, so I checked Emily's room, our room, both bathrooms....nothing. Then I heard giggling coming over Owen's monitor. I backtracked to his room, opened the door and saw this:

Apparently, Emily decided she'd entertain Owen while I finished up downstairs. When I walked in, all of Owen's books had been piled into his crib with him. Also, I found out Emily can now open doorknobs, which is helpful to be aware of. And Owen? Loving every second of his sister's shenanigans.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Last ones (at least for now)

The bedrooms are the only places where we're looking to do anything right away, and that's mainly because we have our bedding for everyone, and the paint colors that are in the rooms right now don't match.

This is going to be Emily's room. Love all the windows, but man, you should see this color in person. Instant migraine/seizure. It's bright. of the first things we'll do on day one is lay on a ton of primer and paint this room. I already picked the colors to match her bedding. I figure we'll need to paint before she actually sees her room, because if she gets a glimpse of the pink, I'm afraid she'll never allow us to change it. Emily will also have her own walk-in closet, which I'm super excited about.

This room will ultimately be the spare bedroom. It's the smallest of the bedrooms, although it has a walk-in closet (don't tell Dan, but I'm planning on taking that closet over as needed). We have the furniture for the room - it's currently hanging out in Mom and Ron's spare room - but no bedding yet, so not sure what we're going to do with this room color-wise.

This room will be Owen's. The one thing I feel bad about is his's not as big as everyone else's. Dan assures me this won't matter since Owen is a boy, and he won't care about a huge closet. Still, I don't want him to feel left out. However, it was either a big spacious room with a smaller closet, or the room above which would have been smaller. We'll do this room in a tan that will go with his nursery set and his big boy bedding (and yes, I already got it, but I totally blame my jumping the gun on a fellow guidance counselor and her obsession with Pottery Barn Kids).

Monday is the home inspection, and I'm really excited for it, primarily because I want to measure windows to start ordering blinds for the bedrooms. Dan and I roughed it for a week or so when we moved into our current house with no blinds, but that is not happening with kids who will be up at the crack of dawn.

Our inspection on Weldon didn't go as well as we'd hoped...some things need to be repaired, although for the most part, they seem small. The big thing is that our radon tested higher than what is acceptable, so we do need to do something about that. The appraiser came today as well, so keeping our fingers crossed that the house will appraise for the amount of the loan.

Still can't believe the snow we got over the past week here...I haven't been to work since Tuesday! The piles feel like they're not going to melt until April, but I'm hoping that the snow is over, and I can start thinking spring soon!

More pictures...

More pictures of the new house!

This is the master bath...wish I had a picture of the kids' bathroom, b/c it's much more interesting. They have a turtle motif going on in there, which isn't really my style, but since it's for the kids, it will be perfect.
Our parts you can't see. We have two walk in closets, which I'm so excited about. Finally I get a big closet of my very own!

The dining the bay window.
The family room. The t.v. is wired to go above the fireplace, which may take some getting used to. Just seems odd, but Dan's excited about it.
Another view of the formal living room, which will be converted, at least for now, into a playroom to house the kids' toys.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Verdict is In...


Friday, February 5, 2010

The One....Finally

Who knew so much drama could happen in just a day or so? Yesterday, Dan and I found not one, but two, houses we liked. In fact, we liked both so much, we couldn't make a decision. Back and forth we debated. We knew we had to act fast if we wanted House A, because there was another offer on it (although we were told it wasn't a great one), and the owners had to answer by last night. We went over pros and cons of both House A and House B. We looked at it from all angles. And before we left our realtor late yesterday afternoon, we'd written an offer on House A. Big sigh of relief. Except....

The owners countered. Now, it wasn't about price or closing costs or anything significant. It was about master bedroom curtains, which they wanted to be sure we didn't think we'd get (we didn't want 'em) and a date that really didn't mean much at all. So late last night, Katie (best real estate agent...seriously, she's helped us through a lot) told us she'd send the new contract over, we'd sign, and we had a deal. Big sigh again, right? But...

I woke up this morning from a dream about House B. As I showered, I kept telling myself the reasons we chose House A. They were good reasons. But they were not enough to keep me from thinking about House B. So I texted Dan for backup. By the time he called me, I was in a full blown panic attack. I was convinced we'd chosen wrong. I sobbed. I couldn't breathe. It was ugly, especially before 6:30 A.M. So...I put in a cry for help to Katie.

Turns out, because the owners of House A countered, we weren't beholden to them or their house. We had an opportunity. After one long list of pros and cons, several emails and texts, and a very near nervous breakdown (me, not Dan), we made a decision. We wrote an offer on House B tonight, and we should hear back by Monday. And the panic attacks? Gone. This is our home, I'm 100% sure of it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

House Hunters, York Edition

I've been waiting for today ever since last Friday (okay, probably ever since we put our house on the market). We are going later today to look at 5 houses that are definite possibilities for us. Although we've looked at houses before, we knew we couldn't do anything even if we found a super nice house, because ours had to sell first. But now...not only can we do something if we like a house, but we HAVE to do something sometime soon so we have a place to go after April 16th!

On another note, the inspection for our house happens tomorrow, so things are moving along nicely. We also have a radon meter in our basement right now, and tomorrow evening we'll find out if we have unhealthy levels. Not only do I not want to spend the money to fix radon, but I'll be a little freaked out that for 6 years, we've been living with it.

Hoping to post some pics of the houses we're considering later on...maybe one of them will be our new home!