Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nursery Part 1

The past two weekends, we've been working on the baby's nursery. We are repainting our spare bedroom to get ready, and that was the part of the job (aside from cleaning out the closet) that I was looking forward to least. Dan really helped out and did a lot of the tough work. He taped off the room, then we began edging and trimming.

I absolutely hate doing trim, so Dan tackled that while I edged the tan paint around the closet, window, and ceiling.

We then painted. The top of the room is tan, and we chose a navy blue color for the bottom. After the paint dried, Mom and Ron came over to help us hang the border. This isn't a tough job, but it does take several people to help (or at least it does for us). Grandma March lent her assistance as well, since she was in charge of entertaining Emily and keeping her out of the way. Dan and Ron did expert measuring...well, almost. But it was very close!

And here is the progress so far! The walls are done, and now we need to work on putting the furniture together as we get it. Mom and I also did some shopping at Babies R Us and picked up the wall hangings and some other odds and ends. My main job right now is to clean all of my extra clothes out of the closet!

Growing up Fast

Emily seems to be getting so big these days. Here are some pictures we've taken recently of her...she's growing up so fast!

Wearing Mommy's shoes around the house

Shopping for some deals over breakfast

Doing a little light housework

Wearing Mommy's flip-flops and striking a pose while dancing

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BIG news

I had another growth ultrasound yesterday, and the news is that our little guy is not so little. He's weighing in at approximately 3 pounds, 8 ounces. The tech told me that puts him in the 94th percentile, which is pretty big. When she was measuring his head, the monitor said it measured at 30 weeks, so I'm a little ahead. I tried to remember that they told me Emily would be almost 9 pounds too, and she only weighted 7 pounds 12 ounces when born. But...then the doctor came in. She adjusted my insulin (again), and said she hoped to slow down his growth a little bit. However, if at my next ultrasound (on February 16) he is still measuring so big, they are probably going to schedule an amniocentisis. This will check his lung development, and if that's okay, he's going to be delivered early.

So now, instead of having 10-11 weeks to prepare, I am down to less! Dan and I have a plan for the nursery this weekend...we are going to start painting. I went to the Gettysburg outlets last weekend with my mom and Grandma, and I did get lots of clothes, burp cloths, and receiving blankets for him. The bookshelf has come in, and we are just waiting for the call about the crib and changer. I have a list, so that has helped me stay somewhat organized.

On a super happy, very excited is the last day of the fall semester classes! For those of you who don't talk to me on a regular basis, let me fill you in on what that means. It means that on Thursday, I get all new classes. Classes that hopefully don't have hygeine issues. Classes that are not practical level. Classes that will not make me want to quit my job on a regular basis :) It's too bad I only get to spend a small amount of time with them before I go on maternity leave, but at least I'll end on a good note!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Still no delivery date!

My appointment yesterday was a huge frustration. My blood pressure was a little high, but nothing like it was on Monday, so that was good. The doctor, however, did not set my delivery date yet. I know it doesn't matter one way or the other, but I need to start planning. My mom and Ron will keep Emily while I'm in the hospital, so I need to organize that, talk to daycare about new people dropping off/picking up, and turn in paperwork for school. I just want to know when this little guy is coming! I thought that was the benefit in having a c-section!

Emily had a follow-up appointment for her ears this past week as well. While they're not actively infected, she does still have fluid, so we were referred to an ENT in Camp Hill. She goes to see him February 26, and they will evaluate her to see if she needs tubes in her ears. I was really unhappy about this at first, but after talking to several other parents who have gone through this, I know it will be in Emily's best interest. We don't want it to get to the point where it's affecting her hearing and speaking.

We have also officially sold the furniture that was hanging out in our spare room, so now there is no excuse to put off cleaning out the closet in there and getting things ready. In fact, I think we are going to pick out some paint this weekend, and next weekend may be devoted to painting that room!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to the Grind

So after dealing with the blood pressure thing at the beginning of the week, I forgot to update about the nursery. Last time around, Emily's nursery was almost done by this point. Not so this time. Unfortunately, we've been a little slow to get started, and this pregnancy has gone by much faster it seems. So realizing that I may not be able to wait until my due date to have this baby, we have decided to get moving. The first order of business is selling the queen bed we have in that room. I *think* I have someone willing to buy it; hopefully it will be out by this weekend. We ordered a crib, dresser/changer, and bookshelf last weekend, and they will be shipped by mid-February. That gives us a month to pick paint colors and get the room painted. The glider for the room is sitting in our basement right now, ready to be unpacked and put together. We are also slowly but surely getting this little guy some needed items. We bought some clothes for him last weekend (I am still so sad that I can't use Emily's cute things again). Each week we decided we'll get some stuff: burp cloths, receiving blankets, a diaper pail, towels, etc. I didn't realize that a lot of our stuff was pink or purple; I had assumed we wouldn't need much. I also need to go through Emily's stuff and pick out anything that was gender neutral (white onesies, some night clothes).

Emily has been doing her part to help us prepare by reminding us what it's like not to sleep through the night. For the past several nights she's woken up crying. I'm not sure what the issue is, but she does go to the doctor for an ear check today, so maybe that will shed some light on the situation. We're hoping her last round of antibiotics got rid of the ear infection, but the doctor wanted to see her to make sure.

My blood pressure issue is, for now, under control. After staying home and taking my pressure during the day yesterday, the doctor cleared me to return to work. I have to go back on Friday afternoon to see what they'd like to do, but for now, things seem to be okay. Let's hope it stays that way! I am hoping that on Friday they will set a delivery day for me. I know it could still be earlier, but I like to be prepared and know when this little guy is *supposed* to make his entrance!

Monday, January 12, 2009

27 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment tonight. I was excited to go because I was told they would set my c-section date today. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. For the second appointment in a row, my blood pressure was elevated. After lying on my side for awhile, it still didn't drop. So, I have been ordered to stay home from work tomorrow and take blood pressure readings all day. I will call them in tomorrow afternoon and find out what the doctor would like me to do. It's very frustrating; they won't set my c-section date until they know more. It's also the worst time to be out of work...finals occur this week, and the semester changes next week. Anyway, here is a picture Dan took of me this weekend. I feel so much bigger this time around!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2009!

We had a very good 2008. It brought lots of changes...I went back to work in January, which was a huge adjustment for the entire family. Emily had to start daycare, I had to learn to balance being a mommy with working full-time, and Dan really stepped up and helped me out when I felt like I was losing it!

Emily had her first birthday in May, and it was so difficult to accept how quickly time had passed. We had the chance to see many family members we hadn't seen for awhile! We spent the summer hanging out at the pool, visiting my dad and Shirley in North Carolina, and enjoying the weather. I had Emily all to myself while off for the summer, so it was hard on both of us when school began again at the end of August. The summer also brought some exciting news...I was pregnant again! While it was scary to think about two kids, and I suffered from morning sickness all day long again, we were definitely excited to welcome another addition into our family.

This fall passed very quickly. Emily really began growing up, and since learning to walk, has been very difficult to keep up with! It's amazing to see the new things she learns every day, and Dan and I both can be entertained just by watching her. She is developing a little personality all her own, and she has a very cute sense of humor. We also found out that Emily will be having a little brother.

We are beginning the new year by getting ready for the little guy and by enjoying Emily each day. I can't believe how grown up she seems sometimes. She understands so much, and she's using new words and achieving new milestones. We are so blessed and lucky to have each other, our families, and our friends, and we're going into 2009 thankful for all of it.

Koons Family Christmas

The Saturday after Christmas, my dad and Shirley came back into town. We celebrated Christmas with them, Jason, Jen, and Isabelle at our house. Here is one of my favorites...Isabelle giving Emily a hug.

I was hanging out on the couch with both girls. Sometimes I forget how pregnant I am, but this photo did a good job of reminding me.

The girls with my dad and Shirley. I am not sure when both girls were with my dad and Shirley last...maybe Isabelle's birthday party last May. Still, Emily wasn't walking at that time, so this was the first time that the girls could really play and interact with each other and have fun.

Emily received a doll from dad and Shirley. She was so tired this day...her ear infection was feeling better, I think, but she was still so sick and worn out from the days prior to this that she found it hard to stay upright! So, she took a little siesta with her new doll.

Christmas Night

My mom had Christmas dinner at her house, and the entire family seemed to be there. It was the first time in a long time that we were all together. Megan came in from Colorado (with a brief appearance by Jesse in his "Christmas Pants"), and Jason and Jen were in from Indiana. Emily was feeling the full force of her cold and ear infection, so she wasn't as into opening presents as she had been that morning. However, she still gave it a try...

Isabelle proved better at present opening, and she not only opened hers, but helped Jason and Jen with theirs as well. She really loved playing with Emily, and Emily loved having Isabelle around to show her how to jump, play Ring Around the Rosie, and to discover the stash of candy at my mom's house.

Christmas Day

We had Christmas morning at our house. Here is Emily resting up, getting ready to open presents:

She got a buggy and baby from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa March. She loved pushing that thing around and around the house. She'll make an excellent big sister!

Opening her dollhouse from Santa...

My mom always makes a breakfast casserole to bring over. This year, she made a mild and a spicy one. I put some of the mild on a plate for Emily, but she chose to instead eat Great Grandma's spicy kind.