Friday, April 24, 2009

Senior Discount Coming Soon

There have been several times within the past years when I have felt old. The first time occurred when a former student bought me a shot at the bar. Yep, I have "kids" out there that are in their late 20's...ridiculous. The second thing that makes me feel old is when people call me ma'am. I feel like I should have a walker and a hearing aid when that happens. The latest? Getting an invitation to my 10 year college reunion. How could I have been out of college for 10 years already???

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am so jealous

Maybe it's because I love The Sound of Music. Maybe it's because just a week or so ago, I was singing this song to Owen as it played on t.v. Perhaps it's because of the catchy hip-hop beat that arrives in the middle of the dance. Whatever the reason, I am so jealous that I was not at this Belgium train station to witness:

One Month - Updates

Owen had his one month check-up today. I knew he was getting bigger since he'd outgrown his newborn sized outfits and diapers. However, I wasn't ready when the nurse said he weighed 10 pounds, 4 ounces! That's over 3 pounds he's gained since we brought him home! He's 22 inches now too. That puts him in the 75th percentile for both weight and height. I looked up Emily's stats at one month, and while she was 22 inches also, she only weighed 9 pounds, 13 ounces at her one month checkup. For being delivered 3 weeks early, Owen is certainly doing well!

He also had to get his second hepatitis B shot today; I didn't realize that, and I hate being the only one there when the kids get shots. He did well though...he cried when the doctor stuck him, but he stopped as soon as I picked him up. Such a brave little boy! We then made a stop to visit Grandma Sipe at work; she enjoys showing the kids off to the people at her school. Owen slept for most of the show and tell time, but that didn't stop everyone from oohing and ahhing over him :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

At the park

Some pictures from our trip to the park yesterday! The weather was (finally!) in the 70's, and we all wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Owen didn't seem too thrilled about his first trip to the park :)

Emily loved playing on the jungle gym, but yesterday she chose to spend most of her time swinging.

We're a little bummed that the weather is supposed to change drastically over the next few hours...tomorrow's forecast is rain and a high of 48 degrees! We hope it gets nice again soon so we can spend some more time outside!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

We spent Easter celebrating the way we usually do...with family. We were all up early to get to church. I was worried since I wasn't sure Emily would sit still for the entire service, and I didn't know if she'd go to the nursery when she didn't know anyone there. Dan, the kids, and I met my mom and Ron at the church. Both kids did so well! Owen slept through almost everything (bells, trumpets, and choirs!), waking only to eat. Emily spent her time sitting with Ron, my mom, or me. She was so good...she thought the music was a show just for her! She paid attention when the singing was going on, and she looked at a book and ate a snack when it wasn't. After church, we went back to our house. Mom and Ron gave the kids their Easter baskets, and Emily discovered chocolate covered animal crackers for the first time. This picture was before her face and hands were covered in chocolate!

We decided to take a family picture. The first one was just the four of us, but then Leo ambled over and decided he wanted in the shot too!

We went to dinner with the everyone at the Viking Club, which is the place we go every year. Ron and mom took Emily with them to see Ron's family, and Dan, Owen, and I went home to relax a little. Then we were off to Grandma March's to do an egg hunt. Emily was a pro at finding her eggs, maybe because mom and Ron took her to Dover's egg hunt last weekend. She loved running around the front yard, picking up her eggs, and putting them in the basket!
Of course, after all the eggs were in the basket, she wanted to take them out one by one and line them up. Perhaps she has a touch of her Grandma Sipe's crazy organizational gene?
We went inside, and Emily and Owen had presents from their Aunt Sharon and Uncle Art. After opening the presents, though, it was difficult for Emily to stop playing with her eggs!
We had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed spending time with the family. We hope everyone out there had an enjoyable holiday too!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're tubed!

Just a quick update...Emily had her ear tubes put in yesterday, and everything went really well! First, we did laps around the waiting room. According to Emily, being at the doctor was no reason to neglect her physical fitness regimen. Then she charmed the woman sitting next to us. This lady had the thickest New York accent I've ever heard in real life. Had Emily had all the fluid out of her ears at this point, she may be talking just like this woman! Then we were called back. Emily threw a soccer ball around while waiting for the doctors to come talk to us; she impressed all the other patients with her throwing skills. The nurse then took her from us, and we retired to the waiting room. Ten minutes later, her ENT came out and said Emily was finished! He compared her eardrums to leather, which I guess means her ears were really bad, and said that she had a lot of fluid behind them. We waited five more minutes for Emily to wake up, then we went back to see her. Aside from some sleepiness and fussiness on the ride home, she was back to normal in no time! Now we have the fun task of putting drops in her ears for the next 4 days (which could prove to be quite the struggle). We're so happy it went so well, and hopefully Emily's speech improves dramatically over the next few weeks/months.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More pictures

Emily likes to come home and sit next to her baby brother

Emily's "cheese" face...a little scary!

Owen wide awake - pretty rare

Me and my kiddos