Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy, Busy

This week was crazy busy. On Monday, I got a call from Diabetes Management; it was time to begin insulin shots. So, I picked them up, gave myself a pep talk, and got started. I can't say it's's definitely easier to take the oral meds...but it's not torturous. The only problem I seem to have is bruising on my one side...I must stick the needle in differently when reaching across my growing expanse of a belly. I also had an ob appointment Monday night, which was worrisome since my blood pressure was way high. I've never had an issue with high blood pressure, so the doctor was a bit worried. After three tries, it did go back down, but the issue scored me another appointment on Wednesday for another blood pressure check. Luckily, that day it was just fine, so I'm off the hook for my blood pressure. The doctor did mention that while my due date is in April and the goal is to schedule the c-section at the beginning of April, I should be aware that they may push me earlier.

Thursday I had my ultrasound and echocardiogram. The baby looked great! His heart is perfect, and he is growing just fine. They are estimating his weight at one pound twelve ounces right now. It sounded big to me, but the tech told me it's right on schedule. He's very active in there, and at one point he actually kicked the probe off my belly! My next ultrasound is on January 19, so we'll see how he's coming along then.

The big news is that Dan has chosen a name! Like last time, we are not going to share. There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, we want the option to change our minds if we need to :) Also, I have been around too many pregnant women who have gotten negative reactions to the names they've chosen. I figure once he's out, most people will just be so enthralled with him that they won't need to comment on his name. Plus, we like to have a surprise for everyone, and since everyone knows the gender, this is our secret we're keeping. I will say that I am very happy with the name, and I think that most people will like it. Dan did a great job!