Monday, October 26, 2009

For Sale!

As of Friday, our house is officially up for sale! It seems like a very long process; I think we've been back and forth about doing this for about six months now. However, we decided that the time was right, and we'll see if the market works out for us. We're not in any hurry, so if it doesn't sell right away, it's not a big deal. that it's up, we keep wondering if anyone's shown interest in it yet :) I've attached some pictures that our realtor shot to put on the website. There are many more on the actual listing, but I wanted to post a few so that I would have a record of how clean and bare the house looked! Now we play the waiting game. If we get a contract on our house, we then scurry around looking at everything we're interested in so we can try to coordinate closing times. I'm sure we would have a place to camp out if we absolutely had to, but I think for the sanity of everyone, it will be best if we get into a new place before we have to leave this one :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 month pictures

We had Owen's 6 month pictures taken today. He did such an amazing job! Emily is still sometimes difficult when it comes to pictures, but our little guy just smiled and posed with ease. The photographer kept saying what an easy shoot it was. He loved it! We had such a difficult time picking the ones we liked best, but the next few posts are all of the shots we had done. Enjoy!

6 month pictures

6 month pictures

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Big So Fast!

We had Owen baptized on Sunday, September 27th. It's hard to believe he's already 6 months old! It was so nice to see our out of town family, and Emily and Owen had a chance to spend some quality time with all of their grandparents. Of course, it wasn't until our out of town relatives left to go home that I realized I took zero pictures! So, we tried to snap a few before we got him changed. Here are some of the whole family, then some of the little man on his special day.

Owen also had his six month checkup yesterday. He is now 17.4 pounds (50th percentile) and 27 3/4 inches (90th percentile). He got four (!) injections, and I was so proud of him. He actually stopped crying before I even picked him up. He's rolling over all the time, he's smiling a ton, and he's really doing well with his food. It's crazy to believe that he's already half-way finished with his first year!