Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ocean City Girls' Weekend - Day 2

Sunday the 21st was Grandma's 78th birthday, so we began the day by giving her cards and singing her Happy Birthday. We headed to Layton's for breakfast, where Emily spent the entire time watching the train go around the window display. It was funny, because she'd get excited every time it came by us, then as it went around the rest of the display where she couldn't see it, she'd loudly ask "Where did it go?" Emily also discovered a love for ketchup thanks to Auntie Amber who allowed her to dip potatoes into it from her plate. After breakfast the sun made an appearance (probably thanks to Aunt Sharon's lucky sunshine pants), but by the time we got back and got changed, it had begun to rain yet again. We put Emily down for a nap and played some games until mid-afternoon. While it wasn't sunny, it wasn't raining either, so we decided to brave the beach. Emily had a little beach chair all her own thanks to Grandma and Grandpa March:

The wind was blowing and it wasn't very hot, but we decided to make the best of it.
Emily loved the water, and she and mom were in for quite awhile! We finally had to pull Emily out after a rogue wave smacked her in the head. Her lips and feet were purple, and she was shivering, but she still complained when we made her come back to the blanket.
Luckily, Amber's brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter Rowan joined us, so Emily had a little playmate on the beach.
Around 4:00 (of course, as we were getting ready to pack up), the sun came out. But, we had big plans that night, so we had to go back to get cleaned up and ready for dinner.
Our group headed to Higgins for All-U-Can-Eat crabs that night to celebrate both Grandma's birthday and mine, which was a few days later. Emily discovered corn on the cob...I only wish I'd thought to bring my camera to the restaurant! She had fun eating and coloring while the rest of us enjoyed hardshells, crab legs, and steamed shrimp. At the end of the meal, the waiters and waitresses came out to sing to us for our birthdays; Emily was more interested in the whipped cream the candle was in :) We turned in relatively early (compared to the night before) with plans to hit the beach early.