Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ocean City Girls' Weekend - Day 3

Monday was the day Emily and I had to leave (Dan was nice enough to take the day off to watch Owen). We decided to head to the beach early so that we could have some fun before taking off. Of course, that was the one day Emily decided to sleep in - 8:30! - and it was the only day we had sun before 4:00 p.m. It was overcast at first, so mom, Emily, and I went to the jewelry store that mom and Aunt Sharon always go to. They get charms for their bracelets there, and mom wanted to look at them. I ended up getting a charm bracelet for my birthday and 4 charms to commemorate our girls' weekend. Then we hit the beach, and the sun came out! We took the opportunity to get some family pictures:

Emily once again wanted to be near the water. She also enjoyed playing in the sand, but I have a feeling this girl will be a swimmer!
The last time we were all at the beach together was for my bachelorette party 4 years ago. That time, mom and Aunt Sharon thought it would be fun to run into the ocean together. However, if you've been to Ocean City, you know that the beach drops off pretty abruptly once you hit the water. The two of them ended up face first in the shallows. This year, they decided to give it another try, and the rest of us were ready (note Amber in the background with another camera; Megan was beside me with a camcorder). The two of them began running at the top of the hill and didn't slow down until once again plummeting face first into the surf. These two sisters still know how to have fun together :)
Amber and I got into the water then to swim; we both love swimming in the ocean, and we are usually the only two that will get in (yes, Berwager sisters, I'm calling you two out!) Emily and I had to leave at lunchtime to get bathed and packed. Our drive home was uneventful, although Emily - who was exhausted - refused to sleep in the car because she was busy pointing out all the trucks and busses to me (two of her favorite things). When we got home, Emily couldn't get over to Owen fast enough - she really missed her baby brother! She sat down beside him and didn't leave his side until she went to bed.