Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They're Baaaack!

Forget the Quarter Pounder with Cheese...I have a new obsession!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And the date has been set...

Yesterday I had my first NST (nonstress test). I now will go twice weekly for them to monitor the baby and make sure he's doing okay in there. After the NST, I met with the doctor, and she had the front desk call the hospital to schedule my c-section. It's set for March 20th, which is only 4 weeks and 2 days away! So, I have been making lists...lists everywhere! Stuff I need to buy for Dan and I for the hospital, stuff I need to pack for Emily's stay at my mom's, stuff I need to get for the baby...it's endless! But, I love having a definite date, and I know that we'll get everything done that we need to. Work also knows that my last day is March 19th, and they are now scheduling interviews, which puts my mind at ease about that aspect of life. I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to fly by!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Update

I had another growth ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine this morning. The baby is now estimated to weigh 5 1/2 pounds, which freaks me out. I mean, some babies are born weighing that much normally! So, he's on the high side of normal, which means a few things. First, I have to meet with the doctors on March 10 to discuss amnio. They have scheduled me for another ultrasound and an amnio on the afternoon of March 19. If the amnio shows that the lungs are mature, I will be having the baby on March 20. When the tech told me this, I sort've hit panic mode. We are still getting the stuff together that we need! I don't stop working until March 27! As of last week, my position at work hadn't even been advertised!

So...my hopes of having an April baby are slim to none right now. Chances are, he'll be here in about 4 1/2 weeks. I emailed my principal hoping that he would get his butt in gear and find a sub finally. And...I think I'll be spending my day off getting the baby's closet totally cleaned out and getting some of his clothes washed.

Potty Like a Rockstar

While we haven't really begun to potty train yet, Emily began showing interest in the potty. I'm thinking it's because her best friend at daycare is potty training, and she wants to be like her. So, since we didn't want to discourage her new interest, we headed to Babies R Us to check out the potty training equipment. For downstairs, she has a little Elmo seat that fits on a regular toilet. Here she is...trying not to fall in.

For upstairs, we got her a froggy potty of her very own. Looks like Daddy gave her some reading material.

So far, she only pees in the potty, and she doesn't even do this all the time. We figure it's pointless to potty train before the baby gets here anyway, since a big change can sometimes cause kids to regress. But, she does love to sit (sometimes for what seems like forever) on the potty. So, we sit there, and when she does go, she gets a celebration! I'm hoping this summer perhaps I can work with her more on this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My name is Courtney, and I am an addict

Nope, it's not drugs or alcohol that keep me in chains. It's that damn Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
I am embarrassed to admit how many of these I've eaten in the past two weeks alone. At last night's doctor appointment, I was confronted with the fact that with 8 more weeks to go, I am now 8 pounds over what I was when I had Emily. So sad. I keep promising myself that I will not give into the McDonald's temptation. I keep telling myself that it's okay as long as I donate the dollar to the Ronald McDonald House (which I do to alleviate my guilt). But I know that I am probably the most unhealthy person I know, and the Quarter Pounder is not doing my gestational diabetes any favors.

The sad part is when Dan asks me "How did this McDonald's bag/cup/whatever get in the car?" I have no good answer, so I tell him the baby was craving fast food. So unfair to blame my unborn son, but what can I do? I need a 12 Step Program.